Kerrie Oaks

“Zac has settled in well to the school since starting in October. He never used to tell me much about what he’d been doing at school but now he enjoys updating me every day. Turns out he’s pretty good at pottery, which is something he’d never tried before starting at Highgate. His latest report shows he has made good progress across all subjects and he has also developed some lovely friendships in his class. He likes all of the staff at school and they all seem to get his quirky sense of humour. He especially seems to have clicked with Mo. Amazingly, he also enjoys PE now, which is something I never thought I’d see!

When we first visited Highgate, Zac said to me afterwards ‘This is the one Mum’, and he was absolutely right. Highgate is the perfect school for my boy. I feel like he has finally found his tribe after years of struggling.”