SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) at Highgate Hill House School

Highgate Hill House School values the contribution that every learner makes and we are committed to offering an inclusive education to ensure the best possible progress for all of our learners whatever their needs and abilities. All learners who attend HHHS have an existing EHCP (Education and Health Care Plan).We firstly aim to ensure that our learners feel safe and happy in our school. We then look at how we raise the levels of attainment, remove barriers to learning, and increase physical and curricular access to all. All of our learners are valued, respected and treated as equal members of the school. As such, provision for learners with SEND is a matter for the school as a whole.

Regular communication takes place between staff and our SENDCo/Assistant Principal for Education, Simon Mathers, to ensure those working with the learner understand how to maximise their learning.

All learners have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) which is prepared based on their EHCP targets.  Staff class teams review the IEP targets on a daily basis to monitor and evaluate the impact of the provision on learners. This ensures we are able to deliver effective assessment and evaluate any particular difficulties and/or weaknesses which may be preventing learners from making good progress towards their targets, and then implement the appropriate support.

We work closely and collaboratively with parents and carers, ensuring consistent and ongoing discussions take place, as we understand the essential role this plays in every aspect of our special educational needs provision.

Our learners are taught a curriculum that meets their individual needs. Our offer is based on an adapted National Curriculum and supporting the aspirations of a supportive Personal Development curriculum offer. Subject Specialists oversee the teaching of all the core curriculum subjects which are taught within class groups and that meet the learner’s starting point. Our wider curriculum offer is based on meeting the needs and interests of learners with the option to  gain accreditation and certificates in many subject areas.

Annual reviews are scheduled throughout the year and learners are invited to attend the meeting (or some of the meeting) to contribute their views. If they don’t wish to attend, they can contribute by a video or they can provide their feedback on their education and progress, verbally (scribed) or in writing by themselves. We strive to work in partnership with families and other professionals to provide a child centred approach to the review process and plan the next steps, together.

We Offer a Number of Therapies to our Learners

We have a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) who works with all learners within class groups, and, individually to help our learners with their Social Communication. Our onsite Occupational Therapist (OT) works directly with individual learners and also supports staff and offers guidance of how to work with the learners on a daily basis within the classroom. In addition, we also access therapy from a Physiotherapist and a Music Therapist to support with learners targets, as outlined in their EHCPs.

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