Bespoke Curriculum

At Highgate Hill House School we pride ourselves on providing education that is engaging, creative, and accessible to learners at any starting point. We aim to provide, an aspirational and clearly sequenced curriculum which provides our learners with a clear pathway through primary and secondary education and into adulthood and ultimately employment and lifelong success. We believe in providing our learners with a positive and robust educational experience, encouraging them to develop their full potential, build confidence and resilience, and where appropriate provide a pathway to reintegrate back into formal and/or mainstream education. Our teaching staff, through their empathetic approach, provide motivation, support, and guidance to our learners in every way possible to cater for their educational, social, and emotional needs. At the same time, they also support learners’ wellbeing, helping to raise both their self-esteem and academic aspirations

Each child with special needs is unique; a crucial part of effective special needs teaching is to ensure that those working with the learner understand how to maximise learning.

Our learners are taught a curriculum that meets their individual needs. Our offer is based on an adapted National Curriculum and is geared towards supporting the aspirations of the learner whilst improving their personal development. We lead with an emotionally informed approach. Subject Specialists oversee the teaching of all the core curriculum subjects which are taught within class to meet the learner’s starting point. Our wider curriculum offer is based on meeting the needs and interests of children with the option to gain accreditation and certificates in many subject areas.

Community and Charity

The school fosters an ethos of charitable work, taking part in fundraising and awareness events, including Comic Relief, Mental Health Awareness and Cancer Research UK.