Amy Crane Riley

“My son Riley started at Highgate Hill House a few years ago in in year 7.

He went to main stream primary but struggled more than you would know. When we found out Riley had a place here, we as a family were extremely grateful and excited. 

Riley is doing outdoor learning as well as cooking, woodwork and gardening and still doing the main lessons of maths, English etc. 

Beach trips are Riley’s favourite too as he is a very ‘outdoors person’ and this year, he is in year 8 is loving PE and football etc 

There are days when he struggles but staff always email me at the end of the day or call if needed. But, in general, we are all happy, Riley is doing fab and the staff are always trying to help if things take a turn that day to turn things better again. 

In all, Riley is happy here and I find if I have an issue I talk to staff or the headmistress and they sort it out.”