Tash & Alice

“This time last year our daughter was in such a bad place and she had suffered such trauma from another school that was meant to be a safe place for children with special needs. 

Every one of the staff that we’ve had contact with from HHH have been exceptional and we really do value all that they’ve done to help our daughter so far in such a short amount of time. She has many complex needs, with many different layers, but she also has such potential. The all round understanding of her behaviour (and drivers for behaviour) has been exceptional. The quality of teaching, the approach, the support that they give is exceptional. I can’t begin to tell you what a difference they have made to our mental health, let alone our daughter’s. 

For the first time, we can see small shoots of hope for her future. She has found safety, understanding and consistent boundaries.  The staff have been incredible with her and their communication with us has been exceptional. Our daughter’s behaviour has softened and she is slowly beginning to feel better in herself. 

Highgate has been exceptional and we have so much hope for the future now.”