Exciting launch of "the language of dance movement of exploration" for Children with Speci

A big congratulations for a simply wonderful birthday celebration for LODC and Dr Ann!

Sir Peter Birkett, founder of Highgate Hill House School, meets Angela Rippon CBE at the royal academy of dance launch of "the language of dance movement of exploration" for children with Special Needs.

Highgate Hill House School is proud to have a personalised curriculum that is adapted to students' needs. Our school is always looking to improve and adopt new techniques that benefit our special needs children in Devon. We discover that dance class is beneficial because it is social, fun, and gives students a way to express themselves through movements. We believe this will stimulate the intellect and learning as well.

Dance is fun. Dance is beautiful. Dance is creative.

Dance is a terrific form of self-expression and social interactions.

In the Language of Dance (LOCD)'s 50th Anniversary, Sir Peter Birkett expressed his interest in collaboration with the organisation. The ultimate goal of the collaboration is to enrich the SEN children's experience and innovate our curriculum.