How does dance help with children with special needs?

In a recent meeting with the Arts Minister, John Glen, at the brilliant Mayfair performing arts school, HHHS founder, Sir Peter Birkett discussed how dance helps SEN children with cognitive and motor skills, confidence and well-being. Prof Christine Bamford President London of International Dance Council UNESCO and Vice Chair of HHHS discussed with the Minister the research behind Angela Rippon's TV BBC1 documentary "How to stay Young" - which indicated that dance was the best form of exercise for maintaining cognitive and physical wellbeing.

The minister shared that there was a debate in Parliament yesterday about the importance of dance and movement in health and welling. He was very interested to learn more about the impact on special conditions such as autism. The Minister in his speech made reference to the importance of young people dancing - which will keep them healthy throughout their lives.

After enjoying a short performance of ballet by Danceworks' students, Sir Pete invited Minister of Culture to visit Highgate Hill House School to see first-hand how dance and movement can be integrated into the school curriculum to help children with special needs.