Our Mission

To provide innovative, personalised, and exciting learning opportunities that ensure our students are happy and successful in life.

Our Mission

To be the highest performing and first choice provider for young people aged 5 - 16 years, with Special Educational Needs.

Our Vision

A passion for education.

A vision of excellence.

A mission to succeed.

Our Mantra

Key Strategic Aims 2019/20


Achieve self-assessment “excellent” status.


Continued introduction of innovative teaching & learning practices.


Create school premises and an estate that we are all proud of.


Raise the profile of the school.


Ensure the school is financially healthy.


Demonstrate the best value for money.

Explore a range of mutually beneficial Partnerships & Alliances.


Staffing Rewards

& improved communications.


Our School Principles

Each child is different:

Our children and young people study the UK National Curriculum which is carefully personalised to meet their individual needs. Many of our students have barriers to learning and may be behind their peers. We offer high-quality literacy and numeracy intervention, with a focus on phonics. We place a strong emphasis on developing the basic skills necessary to become a competent and independent learner, and a successful adult. All students access our classroom learning curriculum but differentiated for their age and learning needs. Our subjects/topic areas are Maths, English, Science, ICT, Humanities, Personal Social & Health Education, PE, Music, Art and Design Technology. Our teachers are qualified and experienced at supporting young people with special educational needs.


No child is left behind:

A nurturing approach and sense of community are central to life here at Highgate Hill House School. We have a high staff to student ratio. We offer a highly specialist and therapeutic wrap-around education programme for young people with complex barriers to learning, which enables them to live at home with their parents and carers. We run an extended school year, offering outdoor holiday clubs and adventurous activities, outdoor learning, art, creative activities, music, and sports. These provide opportunities to stay active during school holidays and supports students’ progress within the school. Our students get along very well and cook for each other on a daily basis. We have a vertical tutoring system, with older students acting as peer mentors for younger or newer students. We operate a 'buddy' system too so that new students quickly feel that they belong. We have a clear rewards and incentives system, and celebrate our achievements together.


Learning must be fun:

We are very lucky to be able to offer outdoor learning in our extensive, beautiful school grounds. The mixture of woodland and fields provide excellent opportunities for learning outside the classroom throughout the school day. We use our extensive grounds to offer students regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a natural environment. We believe in a holistic approach to developing resilient, confident, independent and creative learners. This gives students opportunities to enjoy success and supports their classroom learning. We focus massively on team building and problem solving, to develop students’ ability to build positive relationships and develop their thinking skills. We are close to the coast and Dartmoor National Park and use these natural resources in our Outdoor and Adventurous Activities Programme. Our outdoor learning programme also allows students the opportunity to take supported risks appropriate to the environment and to themselves.

Personalised Therapy is a must:

We discuss pupil’s needs for therapy with them, their parents and other professionals during their admission process. We have a Speech and Language Therapist and an Occupational Therapist, who work in the school on a weekly basis. Also, we have a Psychologist, who specialises in Autistic Spectrum Conditions, who supports our work. One of the Interventions which we may offer is Thrive. Thrive is a school-based intervention, which is founded on neuroscience research, attachment theory and the role of creativity and play. This assessment identifies specific ‘interruptions’ in emotional development and through targeted relational experiences, promotes development. This brings about changes in emotional and social skills and enables students to engage in learning in a classroom environment more effectively. We can also offer art, music and play therapy to enable young people to express themselves and improve their emotional well-being. We work with a range of other professionals to provide specific interventions as and when required.

Our Values


We are respectful of all views and personal circumstances, whatever they may be.

We are open and transparent in all we do.


We treat everyone with kindness and the care they may need.


We are focused on meeting all our students' needs.



We respect the total confidentiality of all.

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