We employ experienced specialist teaching staff and believe that our students deserve the best teachers, who truly know how to reduce barriers to learning. To support our students, we employ a team of support staff and teaching assistants.
We provide a 360-degree learning experience curriculum: 
1. An adapted UK National Curriculum, ensuring that appropriate time is devoted to the core curriculum and that additional subjects meet individual student’s needs.
All students have access to a phonics intervention programme and numeracy intervention programme. We follow the RWI (Read Write Inc) phonics and reading schemes at Key Stage 1. Students receive a mixture of whole class, small group and individual teaching time. (Click for details about our ADAPTED CURRICULUM).
2. Specialist support from the UK’s leading psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and education practitioners (Click for details about our unique THERAPEUTIC INTERVENTIONS) .
3. Opportunities to learn outside the classroom, extracurricular activities.
Fun activities to build confidence and improve language and communication skills (sports, horse riding, forest learning, field trips etc.) (Click for details about our EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES).
If you would like to find out more about the Curriculum we follow, please contact us.
Individual Learning Plan

All students have an individual learning plan, where they set targets with their teacher, for academic and social progress. Parents and other professionals also have input on a regular basis.


We have a reward system which recognises and praises small steps of progress. We work with our students to ensure that they all make good or better progress in their academic subjects as well as their social and emotional learning.


Our education programmes are highly personalised and incorporate academic and therapeutic intervention.


As a day school serving the local communities of Devon and Cornwall, we offer a highly specialist and therapeutic wrap-around education programme for young people with complex barriers to learning, which enables them to live at home with their parents and carers.


We have a high staff:student ratio and offer therapeutic interventions as part of our normal school day.

Learning Facilities

We have a 2-storey modern detached teaching block, with a linked contemporary wing, nestled in a wooded part of the grounds.


The buildings house an indoor sports hall, a spacious art room and separate design and a well-equipped home economics room which pupils use to take it in turns to cook for their peers.


Besides, we have a modern science lab and ten additional classrooms, offices and small group rooms.

Our school is set in extensive grounds, and we make use of the fields and woodland and outdoor play areas throughout our curriculum.

We regularly access local resources, such as the coastline and moors, both for core curriculum learning and outdoor and adventurous activities.

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Head Teacher: Vicky Percival