Local Admissions

Highgate Hill House School is an exclusive Special Needs School. Our specialism is Autism.
We admit local Devon and Cornwall students to our full-time programs who have difficulties with:
Behaviour or ability to socialise, for example, they struggle to make friends.
Reading and writing, for example, because they have dyslexia.
Ability to understand things.
Concentration levels, for instance, because they have ADHD.

This means a special educational provision should be made for them.
Each application will be handled personally by our Head Teacher, Gina Wagland.

Ways To Apply

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Call us: 01288 341998 (School Office)

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Book A Tour


Book a school tour and, if appropriate, a meeting with Gina Wagland, our Head Teacher, to discuss the admissions process.


Call for an available time slot:

01288 341998 or 07780 777698.