Academic Performance & Pupil Progress

Here at Highgate Hill House School, we pride ourselves on our holistic approach to helping the pupils at our school. We take into consideration, not only their academic capabilities, but their speech and language, social, emotional and sensory needs. Although there are separate systems in place to assess children, they are essentially brought together to form the whole picture of an individual, which allows us to plan and implement appropriate support programmes. The school uses BSquared to assess academic progress and the Boxall Profile to assess soft skills.

Academically, pupils are ‘baselined’ at the point they join the school. This gives us a foundation on which to build upon. Teachers assess the pupil’s abilities in a range of curriculum subjects, including mathematics, English and science. Assessments are objective led, which essentially means that statements (skills) are used to describe various skills over a range of abilities. These ability steps are age appropriate and range from EYFS through to point 9 at GCSE. GSCE courses are offered and are assessed against the Pearson schemes of work. Each half term, teachers assess the pupil’s abilities against these objectives as well as provide a judgement regarding the students overall progress. Teacher assessments for pupils range from well below expected to above expected progress. This overview provides us with the ability to judge the school’s effectiveness in regards to teaching, learning and pupil progress. For pupils that learn from home, the process is the same, but with the addition of detailed notes and engagement analytics.

Therapeutic provision is key to children’s progress. The children are assessed by the speech and language therapist, Play Therapist and Occupational Therapist. The key skills that are developed are processing, sensory, motor and language skills, including social and emotional literacy. Various diagnostics are used to quantify the children’s current skills and areas for their continued development.

Some of our pupil’s study BTEC and AQA courses. The progress of the pupils is assessed against the appropriate specification documents provided by the boards. Courses that are offered include Land Based Skills, Video and Music Production, Computing & Performing Arts. To ensure progress in their basic skills, pupils are assessed against the functional skills specification.

Our previous Academic Performance is available on request - please contact the School Office on 01288 341998 for more information.